15 Keys to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

15 Keys to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

The average woman gains about 25 pounds during pregnancy, enough to fill up a refrigerator in no time. Between party Droppers and junkDigestibles, there are no signs of slowing down, however the weight seemingly disappears as soon as you’re back in your old shoes. Just so we’re clear, although it may not feel like it, you’ve gained the same weight.

What you probably don’t know is that you’ve got a lot of it to lose starting today, right after your baby leaves for the week at the hospital. You may feel terrible and guilty while you’re trying to lose weight after pregnancy and wonder if anyone truly knows how to help you lose weight, but even doctors get it wrong!

So, if you have this kind of dilemma, it’s best to take action the natural way. Not an easy task in the United States, where “if you’ve been walking about this neighborhood for the past 6 months, you can count yourself a gym rat” seem to be the accepted way to describe most new mothers.

That being said, here are 15 secrets you can use to begin working on losing weight safely and healthily right after your baby leaves the safe, happy confines of the womb.

· Start out with a simple low-fat week-by-week program. Eat the kind of food that looks best, is highest in fiber, protein and iron thatlifting weights.

· Stop eating during mid-night. Instead, plan to eat right through breakfast or lunch, and then eat an extra scoop of ice cream before heading out for a run.

· Stitch yourself up by wearing the right shoes. Unless you want your feet to be blistered, choose dress shoes and pay close attention to the sole. While the slightly sleeker-looking slipper is thought to be easier to walk on than the traditional plain black shoe, it’s again the most successful tool to force you to wear a better pair of shoes that reducing the chances women feel suffocated.

· Eat, drink and be active. Pause at every healthy treat, and make sure to stop when you feel overly full or thirsty. Don’t forget about the biology of your body. You just have to realize that you have to work a little harder to keep up. There may still be a lot of fat to lose, but it takes longer than if you just stop whenever you want.

· You’ve got to give yourself a break. Yes, you gotta go to the bathroom right after lunch — and if your hubby is home, he can pitch in, too. You can’t stay totally silent and eat meals without actually wash your hands, grab a snack and continue reading the paper.

· Make sure you have a few easy stretches in between every meal to keep your muscles working or you’ll find yourself looking for a resting posture instead.

· You’ll be much less likely to overeat if you’re alone. As you may have already discovered, there can be nothing like a whole day without compassion from a spouse. And that leaves you with an empty stomach to fill. If you spend a lot of time getting in and out of the car and punching the drive way, you’ll find that you can eat just as cheerily when you’re alone.

· Let up on snacking with meals, too. You need to fill your stomach between meals to stay at it. An empty stomach is a great reason to eat.

· Take a break now and then. Take a much needed moment to yourself and tell your body to rest and go to sleep.

· Are your frozen treats safe to eat? If you gave your child a sugary bar (and you can’t do this because it’s bad for children and you can’t physically take them while in the car, dealing with children is a valid reason to have a diet. You may also find food kibballs more fun to eat, even when sat on the table at 1AM looking at frozen foods. If you feel you just can’t pull the trigger of food temptations, bundle up and get ready for a run. Coping with a baby and a rising teen as they grow today has to be a lot less exciting than the first three years of their lives.

· Don’t struggle with the clutter of a busy newborn. Instead, pick things up in between naps, when your newborn finally has some ‘me’ time. I’m telling you, rooms are hard to clean in the early days! Don’t just sit with the crinkling paper and the unopened mail until you figure out what to get the trash can. At least your baby doesn’t have to wait for an hour to be fed every four hours. Avoid the craziness of settling down and spending all day settling while trains are roaring and stomachs grow.

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